A Spine Consultation While on a Florida Vacation

A Spine Consultation While on a Florida Vacation



Still have neck or back pain? Tired of not trusting the advice you are getting .

Sick of not being able to get in to see a surgeon?
We are located in Tampa, Florida and have set up a program for people visiting
the area. Give us 4 hours of your vacation and we will pick you up, do an MRI
and have you see the surgeon.

Let’s talk….

Many people come to visit the Tampa/ Clearwater
/St. Pete area for vacation or as snowbirds. Many times they come from a place
where it is hard to find specialists or they have to wait months for MRI’s and
appointments. Wouldn’t it be great to have it all looked after? The drive, the
MRI, and a renowned surgeon, all in a fraction of the time it would take at

We here at ShimSpine would like to introduce…..



The Sunshine Spine Program

-We will have you picked up, taken to an MRI
facility and then directly to our office with the results and films (which you
will be able to keep).

-You will meet with Dr. Shim, review your films, be examined and a complete

explanation of what is happening with your spine will be discussed.

– You will be retuned back to your vacation home with a written evaluation,

films and a comprehensive plan as to what you should do next.

This is the perfect program for;

1) A second opinion

2) An initial consultation to get the ball rolling

3) A chance to get an MRI with no waiting or copays (great for our

4) A chance to ask any questions you want from a surgeon, not a

5) Spending up to one hour with a surgeon who is your advocate, not
working to just put another case in their surgery center.

The charge for this program is $995.00 which includes everything

from local transportation to peace of mind.

Health Insurance will not be billed

Please call ShimSpine – 813-814-9251 for an appointment

Article by Catherine Nicholson based on over 30 years as a Registered Nurse and 15 years as a practice manager in a spine practice.




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