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About Us

About Us

Experienced and Unbiased Spine Care

At ShimSpine, we offer a personalized experience when it comes to the evaluation and treatment of spine related problems. Our approach redefines customer service and integrity in medicine. Unlike most traditional physician practices, patients are able to spend quality time with the physician to discuss their spine related problems, without having to rush and without having to spend time sitting idle in a waiting room. This affords the patient the opportunity to develop a better relationship with the physician. In this relaxed environment, Dr. John Shim is able to gain a clear understanding of the problem and offer the patient education regarding their condition(s) and recommendations for further testing and treatment, utilizing an evidenced based approach. At ShimSpine, treatment options are based on proven procedures that have a high degree of predictability and successful outcomes and are not limited by health insurance carrier’s guidelines or policies.

With rising health insurance deductibles and out of pocket maximums, seeing the right provider is crucial. Despite many technological advances in the treatment of spinal disorders, unfortunately there exists a great deal of hype with some procedures with limited science to back them. As a consumer looking for cost effective, safe, and proven healthcare solutions, it is important not to be swayed by fancy advertising and marketing.

Benefits of SHIMSPINE:

  • Ease of making an appointment. No authorization or referrals are necessary. Most patients can be seen within 48 hours of making an appointment.
  • Essentially no wait. Once your appointment is made, new patient forms are emailed to you to complete ahead of time to maximize your time with the physician. Office staff is available to help you complete this if necessary. Your time is spent discussing your specific spinal concerns and getting answers instead of spending copious amounts of time completing forms and sitting in a waiting room.
  • Dedicated support staff with over 40 years of collective experience to assist the physician with facilitating office visits, education, and treatment.
  • Quality time spent with the physician. In most cases, we schedule up to one hour of time for you to spend face to face with the physician to discuss your concerns and allow the physician to gain a better understanding of your spinal problem. This allows for a better patient-physician relationship.
  • Enhanced access to get questions answered in-between office visits.
  • Timely follow-up to discuss test and/or lab results.
  • Unbiased 2nd surgical opinions. Practicing since 1993, Dr. Shim has developed a recognized experience as an orthopaedic spine surgeon. He is able to help provide the patient with a clear picture of whether surgery is even recommended and what the proven surgical options are.
  • No disclosure of your office notes, tests or medical records to any outside entities. Insurance companies create risk profiles based on medical conditions, test results, and personal lifestyles. Future insurance offerings and premiums utilize these risk based assessments. At ShimSpine, your care remains private and confidential thereby eliminating these future concerns.
  • Expanded options for treatment of certain conditions without being limited by insurance carrier’s treatment guidelines. Some beneficial treatments are not covered by specific insurance plans, yet may provide the patient with a cost effective solution to their problem. At ShimSpine, treatment options are not dictated by an insurance company!
  • Maintain better control of your personal healthcare costs. In the current environment of healthcare deductibles of well over $3000 per person, appropriate early consultation may limit how much you spend on medical care by eliminating unnecessary tests, therapies, medications, and even surgery. While some of these treatments may be warranted, we have negotiated special rates with various outside imaging centers and other providers to make the cost of care more affordable.
  • True personalized and customer service oriented experience unlike most other spine practices.

Mission Statement

ShimSpine is the premier specialty spine and orthopaedic practice that is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and individualized care for every patient we treat.

ShimSpine is about providing a personalized experience for patients with orthopaedic and spinal disorders in an efficient, yet relaxed office atmosphere, that focuses on providing up to date patient education, expert treatment recommendations and second opinions. At ShimSpine, medical decisions are based on solid scientific evidence that is not influenced by marketing hype. was created to serve as the gateway to our practice and as an education resource for those patients, providers, and the medicolegal community seeking high quality, up to date, unbiased information related to spine and orthopaedic care.

Personalized spine care and surgery.
Patient focused care.
Patient focused outcomes.

Last modified: October 22, 2019