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How a Positive Attitude Helps You

If you have chronic pain, then you must first accept it. Only then can you explore ways to make it better. Knowing you can make it better creates hope, which in turn helps you get better. You need both acceptance and Optimism. In my practice, I see many people who are in complete despair. Fortunately, […]

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Do Back Braces Help?

When you have back pain, It is frustrating, and can be debilitating. Many people will try all sorts of things to get better. I do not blame anyone for trying. Lately I have seen a lot of advertisements for various back braces. Patient’s ask whether they should buy these braces. So what is the bottom […]

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The Right Words Matter

Do all Doctors use the same terms when describing Spine Disc findings on MRI’s? Many of you have had MRI studies of your spine and had discussion with your Doctors about the findings. Often times, it seems the doctors are using the terms disc bulge, or disc herniations interchangeably. It can get confusing. Both for […]

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Telemedicine Exam

Do you have a Telemedicine evaluation scheduled? This COVID-19 Pandemic has made these evaluation a standard part of some orthopedic practices. The Concept can be intimidating to some.  In reality it is fairly simple to set up.  I am going to discuss how this examination is performed. First,  I would recommend you check your internet […]

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Telemedicine CME’s

A part of my practice includes performing medical legal examinations. In florida, a form of these evaluations are called Compulsory Medical Examinations. To briefly describe their purpose, If you are injured, then you can and will seek care from a physician. But, if you are then filing a legal claim against an individual or a […]

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20 years Cervical Spine

What happens to the disks in your neck over 20 years? In 2018, Dr. Kenshi Daimon published a research paper addressing that question. I am going to summarize the findings. From 1993-1996, about 500 neck pain free healthy volunteers had MRI studies of the neck. After 20 years, Each volunteer was then asked to obtain […]

COVID-19 and Bone Fractures

What are the risks of having both the COVID-19 infection and having a broken bone? As of today,  April 15, 2020 the United States remains in a state of social distancing and businesses are shut down except for essential services. Even elective surgery is not permitted in the State of Florida in order to save […]

Why does my back still hurt?

So, you had all the tests. Initially the pain was very severe. It is getting better. You still have discomfort. It has been more than 6 months since the original pain. While you are better, it is still frustrating. Yet, the medical doctors state that there is no specific solution for your back pain. I […]

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Teen Athletes and Back Pain

Why do teenage athletes get Back pain? Surprisingly,  it is a common complaint,  especially if you are a rower, cross country skier, football player or gymnast.  It is a matter of overuse, and in certain sports activities, asymmetrically developing one set of muscles over the other. In rowers, and cross country skiers, it is a […]

What is a facet injection?

If you have watched our other videos, you know that the facet is the joint in the back of the spine neck and connects one bone to the other. Over time, the facet joints can develop arthritis and developed pain.  Sometimes, the facet joint can be injured and be a source of pain. In certain […]