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A Little Bit Means So Much

A Little Bit Means So Much

  We’ve all looked at that svelte, muscular model in a magazine and thought
 "I’d do anything to look like that" but we know that is not true. We should
really say "I would do anything but diet and exercise to look like that".            

Let’s talk….

First of all, we know half of these models are starving and we don’t want
 to starve (and it’s not good for you) plus many of them work out for hours
a day because looking good is their job. We don’t have the time, and most
of us don’t have the genetics, to be solely focused on our appearance. That
 said, we all know obesity is one of the biggest problems in this country
and losing just 10% of our body weight can change our health, our activity
 levels, and our outlook in life.
There is actually only one way to lose weight. Take in less calories than you
 burn. It’s that simple and really difficult at the same time. There are multiple
 diets, surgeries, pills, and exercise regimens all available to us. Some are
costly (surgery, personal trainers) and some just take a little bit of work and
commitment on our part (preparing food ahead of time, going to the gym).
 Either way, losing weight even a few pounds, is positive, both physically
and mentally.
Some things that will happen to you as you drop those extra pounds are,
1) An energy boost– Your muscles have to carry less and  your
oxygenation increases
2)  Your blood sugars are not all over the place – a decrease in high
 calorie foods will help your body regulate your insulin so you will have a
 decrease in highs and lows and the lack of energy and mood swings that
come with them.
3) Your joints will thank you– though it is proven that bone density
 is actually higher in the obese, it is mainly because those bones have so
much weight to carry around. What is positive in bone density, does not
 make up for the amount of stress the weight puts on your hips, knees
and ankles.
4) Your risk of cancer goes down – It is documented that even
10% weight loss makes the inflammation levels in the body decrease
5) You will spend less on medical bills– Many people come off
diabetes meds and blood pressure pills with weight loss. The heart does
 not have to work as hard to get blood to the tissues, injuries are
decreased and many things like reflux/GERD disappear.
6) You will look and feel better – This goes without saying. Your
 clothes will fit better (or you can get new ones). You will sleep better with
 less chance of apnea and snoring, and all that exercise and water will
improve your skin and hair.
Needless to say, we do not all have to look like models and, quite honestly,
 we are not going to. What we need to take from this is only small
 improvements can make big changes in your body and your life. You are
the one with the control. Let’s show that spare tire who’s in charge.

Last modified: December 11, 2020

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