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A Normal MRI, Celebrating An Anomaly

We saw something today that most of us in this practice have seldom seen, a completely normal MRI. It also had a report attached that said it was a completely normal MRI, another anomaly. Let’s talk…. There is a saying out there that, to paraphrase, we are all actually not living, but dying, each day. […]

Kayaking; For your Physical and Mental Health

I do articles and blogs on all kinds of things affecting your spine but have never addressed my favorite sport. Kayaking is my way to preserve neck and back health. Kayaking is low stress, low cost and an enjoyable way to spend time on any kind of water. Let’s talk….  15 years ago, I was […]

Spinal Stenosis

Believe it or not, you can have a lot of things  happening in your body without you even realizing it. Spinal Stenosis is one of those things. By the time you feel it, something may have to be done to slow down or reverse the symptoms that have finally decided to show themselves. Let’s talk… In […]

Annular Tears. Are They Serious?

The MRI results are in. There is an annular tear at L5/S1. That sounds terrifying! It could be called an annular fissure (not quite as terrifying) but these are actually a common result of aging, and sometimes trauma, to the spine. Let’s talk…… Discs are the shock-absorbing cushions between each vertebra of the spine. Surrounding each […]

A Short Term Solution Leading to a Long Term Problem -Muscle Relaxers

One of the most common requests after any type of neck or back injury is for a muscle relaxer.  Many people think that a muscle relaxer is much safer to take than “regular pain medication” and end up with many of the same problems of addiction. Let’s talk…… A common side effect of back injury […]

Do I Need a Rheumatologist?

There are many people who are referred to a surgeon the minute they complain of back pain.  The truth is very few of these patients would actually benefit from surgical management.  Because of the pain, and the desperation the patient feels, they generally think that their only choice is surgery. Let’s talk…. As discussed in […]