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Why won’t the Surgeon Operate on my Spine?

There are legitimate reasons why a Surgeon will not offer elective spine surgery on patients. Bear in mind,  we are talking ELECTIVE SPINE SURGERY,  not emergency surgery.    As you know,  elective surgery may definitely be warranted,  as the patient has debilitating pain,  or loss of function that does not improve with non surgical care. […]

A Loss of Lordosis

Is it Bad News? We see it frequently on MRI reports, especially in patients who were in car accidents, “there is a loss of lordosis in the cervical spine”. It sounds scary and is often followed by the information that this is “often caused by spasm in the neck and upper back”. Is this something […]

Why am I Shrinking?

Tell me how tall you are. If you are have not been measured in a few years, my bet is that you are shorter than you think you are and most likely shorter than you were 10 years ago. Due to the aging of bones, joints, muscles and discs, we are getting a little shorter […]

Where is That Pain coming From?

Many people with neck and back problems are often disturbed by the fact that they have pain but the physician tells them that the herniated disc on the MRI is not causing the pain they are feeling. How does he know? Let’s talk…. A dermatome refers to an area of skin that is innervated by […]

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Is Cervical (neck) Fusion Surgery Considered a Radical Solution?

Many people are both upset and frightened when their spine surgeon recommends a fusion as a solution to their neck problems. An anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), in the properly selected patient, has a very high success rate, with very satisfied patients. In our practice, patients who elect to have cervical fusion typically have […]

Does Optimism Help Spine Surgery Results?

People who undergo elective spine surgery usually fall into three general groups: 1. Hard charging optimists –  People who do not have time for the pain,  and dysfunction, of spine problems.  These folks are often in a rush to go directly to surgery. 2. Cautious realists –   These patients spend appropriate time to understand their problem  and the risks […]