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What is a Real Second Opinion?

Why get a second surgical opinion? This is Dr. John Shim, and I want to discuss this very important topic. When you're in a life-and-death situation, there's no time for a second opinion. Time is of the essence. I say thank God you're in the United States because we have the best […]

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Back pain as side effect of taking medication

Hi, I'm Dr. John Shim, and I'd like to talk about medications that actually cause back pain. Yes – you heard that right. There are medications that can cause back pain. Every medication can and do have side effects. So let's list the most common ones now. Levofloxacin or levaquin is an […]

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Lasers, Stem Cells and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Discussing news and issues in orthopedics and spine health care. This is Spine Talk. Hi, this is Dr. John Shim, and today I want to talk about a topic that's of high interest to the Tampa Bay area, and that's about the use of lasers and spinal surgery. Well, it's now mid-May […]

Wine and Spine (update)

What are the pro's and con's for wine and your spine? Hi, I am Dr. John Shim, and I want to explore the effects of wine and alcohol on your body, and more specifically, your spine. The scientific data continues to evolve, and I will tell you that the medical community is […]

Obesity and Spine Surgery

Hi, this is Dr. John Shim, and this is another "can you handle the truth moment?" Yes, your weight can have an effect on your back pain. I'm not judging any of you. Frankly, I've had my own challenges in staying within the weight guidelines, but the truth is fairly simple to […]

Texting and Selfies, the Pain is Real.

While sitting at the beach the other day, a friend and I watched people of all ages (not just kids) bending over their phones and tablets for hours. Several other individuals spent several hours doing make-up and taking dozens of selfies. Along with the blatant narcissism and the total lack of appreciation for your surroundings, […]