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Shimspine Chronology and Analysis Consulting

Attorneys hire orthopaedic specialists to provide opinions about an injury. These specialist opinions, called Expert Witness Opinions, factor into the negotiations when trying to resolve a dispute concerning an injured party.   As an Orthopaedic Spine Specialist,  I have been asked to provide expert witness medical-legal opinions since 1994.  As an expert medical-legal witness, I understand […]

Spine Injuries in Baseball

In this video/blog, we’ll be taking a look at common back injuries in professional baseball players.  While football may have more high profile injuries than baseball, all professional athletes are exposed to high-impact forces. Professional baseball players also experience some of the highest rates of disc degeneration and back pain, but simultaneously a high rate […]

Does Spinal Manipulative Therapy Work for Lower Back Pain?

In this video/blog, we’ll be taking a look at two studies on the effectiveness of spinal manipulative therapy for low back pain.  Background let’s define spinal manipulative therapy (SMT). It is a technique  of using the hands or a device to apply a controlled thrust to a joint of your spine. It is performed by […]

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Sports-Related Cervical Injuries in Children

The neck is the most mobile region of the spine and vulnerable to injury. In this video/blog, we’ll be taking a look at the most common sports-related cervical injuries in children and adolescents.  As resilient as children are, it’s not surprising that their growing bodies are at risk for injuries. A January 2021 study of […]

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Understanding Sacroiliac Joint Pain

In this video/blog, we’ll be taking a look at the sacroiliac joint as source of pain. Background / Info What is the sacroiliac joint? The sacroiliac (SI) joint is located in the pelvis and connects the iliac hip bone (-iliac) to the sacrum (sacro-), which is found at the base of the spine. It is […]

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Cycling and Back Pain

In this video/blog, we’ll be taking a look at the relationship between back pain and cycling. Unfortunately, despite cycling being a low-impact sport, back pain is the most common injury reported by cyclists. One Norweigian study showed 40% of all cyclists seeking medical attention for back pain. The primary culprit appears to be muscle fatigue […]