Author: Jason Mazza:


My core is weak and I have back pain: Should I do sit-ups?

One of the most commonly prescribed treatments for generalized back pain is physical therapy.  More specifically, a program to lessen pain while improving flexibility, posture, and provide strengthening are the overall goals of the program. Long-term, we discuss core strengthening to help promote a healthy and functioning spine.  The core represents the stabilizing muscles and […]

Treatment for back pain: NSAIDS, Exercise, Injections, and Vitamin D?

How many times have you seen a physician for low back pain and it was recommended that you take Vitamin D to treat it? The answer for most will be never.  Depending on the nature of your back pain, a combination of physical therapy exercises, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and perhaps a corticosteroid injection is more […]

Hot Tub Therapy for Neck and Back Pain

Among the many modalities that can be used to manage neck and back pain, the use of a hot tub is usually one of the pleasurable indulgences that many have taken advantage of or have at least thought of. Patients will often ask if there is benefit to using a hot tub. Historically, the Greeks, […]

Stem Cells to Treat Back Pain

Stem Cells to Treat Back Pain Beyond the standard, traditional treatments for low back pain, stem cell therapy is an alternative approach that is in its infancy but may become a viable treatment option for many.  In simplest form, stem cells are cells that are taken from within the body that can differentiate (develop into […]

Don’t Just Sit There..If you want to be healthy

Have you ever considered how many hours per day that you sit?   Do not forget to count the time spent sitting while eating breakfast, the car ride to work, perhaps an 8 hour day at the office, the car ride home, sitting at the dinner table, and then reclining in front of the television for […]

Video gaming, Virtual Reality, and Back Pain

Video gaming, Virtual Reality, and Back Pain Several years ago, The Entertainment Software Association published data on the video game industry.  At that time, the industry generated over $25 billion in annual revenues in which more than 70% of American households admitted to playing computer or video games.  One would think that the average age […]


Is there a connection between having ostepenia or osteoporosis (low bone mass) and having pain back pain?  If you look through the medical literature and do a few Google searches, you will find that the standard answer is there is no association. Low bone mass does not cause pain.  Osteoporosis has always been characterized as […]