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Is a Private Physician The Answer?

Is a Private Physician the Answer? As we all know, health care has made a lot of changes in the last few years. The everyday consumer has been hit with higher rates along with higher deductibles and we all know that salaries and benefits have not increased accordingly. As we see more people covered by medical insurance, we actually […]

International Patients Welcome

International Patients As you can see from previous blogs, we do things a little differently at ShimSpine. We provide personal service, don’t take health insurance and try to be our patient’s biggest advocate. I’m sure that a lot of people think that because we are in Florida, we would be unable to help them.  This is not true […]

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Let’s Talk Motor Vehicle Accidents If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, I’m sure you have discovered it is not easy to get the medical care that you feel you need. Many physicians do not take car insurance and are reluctant to wait for a legal suit to settle to get paid. Let’s talk…. Before you […]

Second Opinions

Let’s Talk Second Opinions You are in pain! Your back, neck, shoulder or knee are killing you. You’ve been to see a physician and surgery is recommended. Yay! You are going to feel better. Not so fast… Let’s talk……. If you are in enough pain, you will agree to anything to make it stop. We know that. […]

You are Worth It

Let’s Talk You are Worth it It’s kind of a crazy world out there. We are inundated with information from TV, radio, and Social Media. We should be able to make decisions quickly and informatively but sometimes there is just too much unfiltered information. Companies are large, Law Offices have 50 lawyers and Medical practices […]

What is personalized medicine?

  The world of medicine, especially spine care, has changed completely in the last ten years. Everyone has something they market; lasers, stem cells, or smaller incisions. It is confusing for everyone but even more confusing if you are in severe pain and just want relief. Let’s talk… If you get down to the nitty-gritty, […]

What do the words mean?

  You’ve found a surgeon and are ready for the big day. You’ve heard words and phrases that sound like a whole new language that you are expected to understand. It makes a nerve racking time more stressful and you are afraid you are missing something. Let’s talk…. The medical world has its own language […]

Why we don’t take insurance…

  The calls come in frequently. “Do you take my insurance?” “No, we don’t take Health Insurance in this practice”. Why? Do you make more money collecting cash? Why would I go see someone who doesn’t take my insurance?” Let’s talk…. Health insurance is an important part of our lives and a way of protecting […]

How do you pick a back surgeon?

You have back pain and are miserable. Your Primary Care has sent you for an MRI and recommended you see a back surgeon. On your way home you notice (because hey, you’re looking for a back surgeon) billboards all over the place “free MRI reviews”, “have your surgery in one day and go back the […]

Why does my knee hurt when it rains?

Do your joints predict the weather better than any meteorologist? Can you feel a storm coming in your knees? Let’s talk….. Well, you are not alone. Your joints may actually hurt more when the weather changes. There is scientific validity to this phenomenon. The reason involves some pretty simple physics. There is pressure inside and […]