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You are Worth It

You are Worth It

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You are Worth it

It’s kind of a crazy world out there. We are inundated with
information from TV, radio, and Social Media. We should be able to make
decisions quickly and informatively but sometimes there is just too much
unfiltered information. Companies are large, Law Offices have 50 lawyers and
Medical practices have 20 physicians. Where do you fit in and how do you not
get “lost in the shuffle”?

Let’s talk…

There are multiple Spine Surgeons in the Tampa Bay area.
There are big practices and small ones. There are insurance carrying practices
and groups that charge cash and take patients from everywhere. What do you

You want the officeto know who YOU are – when you call, you shouldn’t have to explain who you
are every time.

You want openness
is surgery really going to help or is it just something that is “done here”?

You want honesty
– does your physician own the surgery center he/she has recommended. Does
he/she work for the company that “does everything” you need?

You want to feel
comfortable going into surgery
, knowing you are in good hands, you are in
an accredited facility and you are their first concern.

ShimSpine is an unapologetically small office though it is
an offshoot of a very large orthopedic practice. We offer personalized care
that includes a board certified, experienced physician, a highly trained
clinical staff and a support staff that won’t forget your name.

Dr. Shim has no financial ties to any hospital, surgery
center or Radiology facility so his recommendations do not profit him in any

We offer personalized
service and you will always have someone to call for even the most minor

Shimspine has your back, literally and financially. Though
we do not take health insurance, we are happy to have the hospital and MRI
companies bill it for you. We have also negotiated lower cash prices at these
centers so you will often spend less money than when you use your insurance.

Put yourself and your piece of mind first….you are worth it.



Information obtained from knowledge from the local area and as a surgical RN. cn/rn

Last modified: December 11, 2020

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