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The Start to a Solution (New Opioid Law)

As anyone who has read our blogs over the last few years knows, the use and abuse of opioid medication has been a major concern of our practice. We have tried to bring attention to the fact that these drugs are being over-prescribed and are leading to addiction and death to many. Finally, someone is […]

A Loss of Lordosis

Is it Bad News? We see it frequently on MRI reports, especially in patients who were in car accidents, “there is a loss of lordosis in the cervical spine”. It sounds scary and is often followed by the information that this is “often caused by spasm in the neck and upper back”. Is this something […]

How Do They Do It?

 Check out our blog this olympic week CitationsGonzález JM, Johnson FR, Fedoruk M, Posner J, Bowers L. Trading Health Risks for Glory: A Reformulation of the Goldman Dilemma. Sports Med. 2018 Mar 1; PubMed PMID: 29498027Last modified: December 11, 2020

The Other, Other F Word – FLU

That time is here again. The phone starts ringing with call outs. People are overworked, tired and cranky, trying to do other people’s jobs. You are the object of intense scrutiny if you sneeze and then are immediately judged. That’s right, it’s flu season. Let’s talk…. This year is considered one of the worst years […]

Why am I Shrinking?

Tell me how tall you are. If you are have not been measured in a few years, my bet is that you are shorter than you think you are and most likely shorter than you were 10 years ago. Due to the aging of bones, joints, muscles and discs, we are getting a little shorter […]

A Surprising Result

  In July, 2015 a randomized trial commenced, comparing the results of Tylenol and Advil to opioids for acute pain. The results were surprising. A combination of the two worked just as well as opioids. Let’s talk…… 416 men and women who had an average pain score of 8.7 in their arms or legs from […]

The Other F Word

Fentanyl – how strange that a drug that we used for years in recovery rooms around the country is now one of the most feared words for first responders everywhere. Easy to manufacture, 50 times stronger than Morphine and Heroin and much more available than anyone wants, 20,100 deaths were blamed on Fentanyl in 2016.Overdose […]

Walk with Me

I have always wanted to be one of those people who can say, “Oh I ran 10k and then popped into work”, but I have never been that person. First of all, I hate running. I feel like I look like an idiot in trouble, flailing my way through the neighborhood. Second, I always end […]

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is not really a disease but a term used to describe the normal changes in the spine due to age. It happens throughout the whole spine but mostly in the lumbar discs as they have the most pressure on them throughout life. This is caused by the loss of fluid in the disc […]

Menopause and Bone Health

Every now and then a patient will come in complaining of low back pain with no known injury. After an x-ray is performed, they are informed they have a fracture in their spine. It is usually a surprise, as is a diagnosis of osteoporosis, following testing. Let’s talk…. If you are a woman over 50, […]