Annular Tears. Are They Serious?

The MRI results are in. There is an annular tear at L5/S1. That sounds terrifying! It could be called an annular fissure (not quite as terrifying) but these are actually a common result of aging, and sometimes trauma, to the spine. Let’s talk…… Discs are the shock-absorbing cushions between each vertebra of the spine. Surrounding each […]

A Short Term Solution Leading to a Long Term Problem -Muscle Relaxers

One of the most common requests after any type of neck or back injury is for a muscle relaxer.  Many people think that a muscle relaxer is much safer to take than “regular pain medication” and end up with many of the same problems of addiction. Let’s talk…… A common side effect of back injury […]

Do I Need a Rheumatologist?

There are many people who are referred to a surgeon the minute they complain of back pain.  The truth is very few of these patients would actually benefit from surgical management.  Because of the pain, and the desperation the patient feels, they generally think that their only choice is surgery. Let’s talk…. As discussed in […]

Do I Need a Neurologist?

Most spine surgeons are asked to evaluate people and to make determinations for surgery. Once a person goes to a surgeon, they are going with the thought that they do need surgery. These people are generally upset when surgery is not scheduled immediately as they are symptomatic and “just need to get something done”. Let’s […]

What do You Really Expect from Surgery?

Once you decide on surgery, it is time to decide what your expectations are. How should you prepare for immediate post-op needs and what does the future hold for you concerning work, activities and pain. Let’s talk…… The first thing you need to know is we can not make you 20 years old again. Many […]

The Most Important Decision You Can Make

How do you Make Your Big Decisions? Almost daily we make choices that could change our lives or the lives of those around us. Sometimes it’s taking a different way to work and ending up in an accident, buying a car that ends up costing a fortune in repairs, or for the very few, stopping […]