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20 years Cervical Spine

What happens to the disks in your neck over 20 years? In 2018, Dr. Kenshi Daimon published a research paper addressing that question. I am going to summarize the findings. From 1993-1996, about 500 neck pain free healthy volunteers had MRI studies of the neck. After 20 years, Each volunteer was then asked to obtain […]

COVID-19 and Bone Fractures

What are the risks of having both the COVID-19 infection and having a broken bone? As of today,  April 15, 2020 the United States remains in a state of social distancing and businesses are shut down except for essential services. Even elective surgery is not permitted in the State of Florida in order to save […]

Why does my back still hurt?

So, you had all the tests. Initially the pain was very severe. It is getting better. You still have discomfort. It has been more than 6 months since the original pain. While you are better, it is still frustrating. Yet, the medical doctors state that there is no specific solution for your back pain. I […]

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Teen Athletes and Back Pain

Why do teenage athletes get Back pain? Surprisingly,  it is a common complaint,  especially if you are a rower, cross country skier, football player or gymnast.  It is a matter of overuse, and in certain sports activities, asymmetrically developing one set of muscles over the other. In rowers, and cross country skiers, it is a […]

What is a facet injection?

If you have watched our other videos, you know that the facet is the joint in the back of the spine neck and connects one bone to the other. Over time, the facet joints can develop arthritis and developed pain.  Sometimes, the facet joint can be injured and be a source of pain. In certain […]

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Why Lumbar Discectomy?

Why Lumbar Discectomy?Most people have heard about lumbar discectomy surgery for herniated disks. This surgery has changed the way many people feel about back surgery. In the past many back surgeries had uniformly poor results, and the chance of a positive outcome was not that great.  But, times have changed, and small incisions being done […]