Is Your Handbag causing your Pain? Weigh it.

It happened again today. A healthy looking 40 year old showed up at the office with complaints of severe neck pain and right arm numbness and tingling. Her MRI showed some mild disc degeneration but nothing that should really be causing the problems she was describing. She insisted that every time she walked for long […]

Yoga: An Easy way to Prevent and Treat Back Pain

In a study funded by NIH’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH),  a team led by Dr. Robert Saper at Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center studied 320 predominantly low-income, racially diverse adults with moderate to severe chronic low back pain. Results were published online on June 20, 2017, in […]

Medial Branch Facet Injections and Radiofrequency Ablation – Another Option for Pain Control

Medial Branch Facet Injections and Radiofrequency Ablation -Another Option for Pain Control For certain people, the source of back pain is the irritation associated with cartilage wear in the facet joints of the spine.  This wear and tear can cause pain that comes from the facets themselves, as the bones wear on each other, or […]

Backpack to Backache? What They Need to Know.

Watch your kids this year as they leave your car to go in to school. Keep an eye as they run for the bus. Are they leaning forward as they walk? Is there a limp? Do they complain of back pain or leg pain? It’s time for a backpack check-up. Let’s talk…… First pick up […]

Epidural Steroid Injections ; Do They Work?

hi I'm Dr. John Shim and today I want to talk about lumbar epidural steroid injections. Many of you have had this recommendation already made by your doctors. So what really is an epidural injection? To make it very simple basically you take a small needle you place it through the skin […]

Is it Real or is it a Dive?

As I watch the World Cup and see a player writhing on the field after each hit or fall, it makes me wonder how often a player is truly injured. What type of back injuries do they get playing this sport at its highest level? Let’s talk…. I’ve been told that many of the “injuries” […]

Does Your Doctor Take Automobile Insurance?

There are more and more automobile accidents on the roads of Florida as our population increases. Many of these accidents result in minor injuries such as sprains and strains, very often injuries that resolve themselves. Patients would like to see their own physicians, but many  primary care physicians do not take auto insurance instead of […]

What Does Mom Really Want?

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day. A time to celebrate that special woman that gained 50 lbs. for you, changed your diaper, tried to teach you manners, and still shakes her head when she sees what you are wearing. It’s also a day of sibling rivalry, blown expectations, and all around stress. How did we make […]

Don’t Call a Lawyer, Call a Doctor

    If you are in a motor vehicle accident, you are encouraged by the voices on the radio and TV to call a “lawyer referral service” or to directly call an attorney “on their cell phone”. Yes, you may need an attorney at some point, but first, if you are hurt, call a doctor. Let’s […]

Texting and Selfies, the Pain is Real.

While sitting at the beach the other day, a friend and I watched people of all ages (not just kids) bending over their phones and tablets for hours. Several other individuals spent several hours doing make-up and taking dozens of selfies. Along with the blatant narcissism and the total lack of appreciation for your surroundings, […]