Does Your Doctor Take Automobile Insurance?

There are more and more automobile accidents on the roads of Florida as our population increases. Many of these accidents result in minor injuries such as sprains and strains, very often injuries that resolve themselves. Patients would like to see their own physicians, but many  primary care physicians do not take auto insurance instead of health insurance. They often send patients to Auto Injury Clinics or lawyers to initiate and establish care. This often has an opposing  effect, as the patients begin to treat a lawsuit instead of what is most likely a minor injury. They can get caught in a system of treatment that does not encourage good results, but instead encourages permanent injury that results in an insurance payout.

At ShimSpine, we are happy to see patients  following an accident. We will see you within 2 business days, bill your auto insurance, order necessary testing, and follow your care. We do not own surgery centers, radiology clinics or physical therapy clinics, so the onus is on recovery, not business. We do have people we work with in these areas of medicine who we trust to give the best care possible to our patients, with the goal of  making them feel better.

We ask that you go to an emergency room for any severe injuries, suspected fractures, head injuries or paralysis.

For orthopedic and spine strains and sprains please call 813-814-9251 and let us make sure you get the care you need.


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