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Does Your Life Improve With Positive Thoughts?

Does Your Life Improve With Positive Thoughts?

We all know those people who have terrible things happen to them…all the time. They are generally easily upset, worriers or just people who always expect the worst possible scenarios. These people tend to blame their negativity on the constant “bad luck” they experience and not the other way around.

Let’s talk…….

Many people will note that an attitude of negativity seems to bring on negative results. Negative thoughts and worry tend to take us away from the present and quite often ruin our future.

Many families claim a “worry gene” for themselves. If someone is a half hour late getting somewhere, they are immediately assumed to have fallen victim to some horrible fate. Every medical condition, no matter how minor, is a complete catastrophe. This is not a genetic condition, it is learned. In order to avoid a lifetime of anxiety and dread, it needs to relearned. So very often the decisions we make with a negative mindset tend to have a negative result. On the other hand, decisions made with optimism are much more likely to have positive outcomes.

The biggest challenge of changing a mindset is to actually understand yourself and what makes you go immediately to negative thoughts. You then have to make small changes every day to gradually start looking at problems and developing more positive solutions.

  • Hang out with positive people. Avoid the people who bring you down with fighting, complaining and naysaying.
  • Allow your mind to be opened. We are never always right and opening your mind to others arguments and beliefs may positively change the way you see something.
  • Go on a “bad news diet”. We all need to be informed of what is happening in the world, but it does no good to dwell. Read the paper, watch a half hour of news, or get some headlines online. Then put it away. Leaving a news channel on all day feeds negativity and anxiety.
  • Limit your social media. If someone upsets you, is unkind, or you feel unhappy after reading their posts, block them. Only you have control of how people make you feel.
  • Volunteer. Helping others is always a positive experience and tends to help you look at your own life in a more positive light.
  • Look after your physical self: If you get regular exercise and rest, you feel good about your body, and are more positive socially and mentally.
  • “Think positive thoughts” is easy to say, but not so easy to do. An attitude change does not happen overnight but is definitely worth working towards for improvement in both physical and mental health.

Last modified: December 11, 2020

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