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Don’t Call a Lawyer, Call a Doctor

Don’t Call a Lawyer, Call a Doctor



If you are in a motor vehicle accident, you are encouraged by the voices on the radio and TV to call a “lawyer referral service” or to directly call an attorney “on their cell phone”. Yes, you may need an attorney at some point, but first, if you are hurt, call a doctor.

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From multiple car pile-ups to fender benders, people are in accidents frequently, especially here in Florida. In our litigious society, their first call is often to an attorney, which may change the way your injuries are evaluated. Patients are often sent to physicians and chiropractors who the attorneys have worked with in the past and who are amendable to giving opinions and treatment far beyond what is necessary, for what are frequently minor injuries.

An attorney should not be managing your health care and any conscientious and ethical attorney will tell you this. If you get hurt, call your physician, go to an ER, or find someone who accepts car insurance and be examined. Get second opinions, especially if the treatment provided is not working, and keep track of what everything is costing you, in time and money.

You need an attorney if you are seriously hurt and your insurance company is not paying for necessary medical care, or if you are not being compensated for your vehicle damage. This is why we all pay for insurance. It is important to have someone to represent you against a company that is reluctant to compensate you, but not to the detriment of your health and your future.

If you are injured, call a doctor. If you are being ignored, put off or being undercompensated, call a lawyer. It’s that easy.

At ShimSpine, we are happy to see you under your car insurance or a Personal Financial Agreement (an agreement between you and your physician to hold off on collection until your case is settled). We are also available for second opinions which we encourage everyone, including our own patients, to obtain.


Last modified: December 11, 2020

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