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Football is Over. What Will You Do?

Football is Over. What Will You Do?

It is actually a phenomena, in this country, that depression increases after the Superbowl; and it’s not just the people who lost money.

Let’s talk……

For the last 4-5 months every Sunday afternoon and Monday evening, plans were already made. My guess is that most of us did the usual bad diet/ alcoholic beverages/couch potato thing and this is our chance to recover from it. I know, I know! There are lots of other sports. Baseball (Spring Training starts soon). March madness is only a month away. Soccer is still going on. Golf will  while away a Sunday afternoon.

But why not use the time to reconnect with the non-footballers in your life? Get out of the house, do something good, get some exercise. Here are some suggestions to consider if geographically suitable:

Go to a park. Walk. Cross country ski. Go to an aquarium. Snowshoe. Go skiing. Visit your grandmother. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Go to the beach. Kayak. Play volleyball. Take the kids for a bike ride. Plant trees. Go to a museum. Go to the zoo. Get a haircut. Shop for football gear for next year.

So, no need to be sad. Consider the end of football season a start to your “me season”. Turn off the TV. See your friends, get back in shape and don’t forget to plan for next season. There’s a good chance it’s going to be your year.

Last modified: December 11, 2020

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