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Common sense dictates that excessive weight can create increasing episodes of back pain. But if you are overweight, but not experiencing pain, you often do not think about its implications on your back.

Think of it this way, how long can you carry a 15 pound backpack before you begin to feel its weight? No matter your fitness level, eventually you will begin to feel the burden.  While it is not exactly the same,  carrying an extra 15 pounds of body  weight has similar effects. If you have ever experienced back pain, remember how difficult it was to even lift an additional 10 pounds.

If you are overweight, please consult your family physician to discuss your options. Weight loss is not a quick fix. It is a change of lifestyle and you must be committed to the change. It takes a disciplined and supportive environment. But if you have back pain, while it will not get rid of the pain, losing weight can decrease the intensity and frequency of episodes.

For more general information about obesity and weight, please click onto the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Site on Obesity.

For a Body Mass Index Calculator Click HERE.

Last modified: October 22, 2019