Announcing our new Non-Testifying Consulting Service



Some patients and physicians consider non-surgical care as conservative care.  While that may be generally true,  there are complementary treatments that may be considered “cutting edge” or experimental.

In this section, mainstream treatments will be discussed.

After an evaluation by a physician, and it is determined that you do not have a potentially emergent spinal condition, there are many treatment options for patients.  In our practice,  we usually advise patients to consider medications such as NSAIDS, muscle relaxers, and occasionally narcotic medications.  If a localized area of tenderness is identified, we may also consider a cortisone injection.  As each patient is different,  there may be a reason we would not offer some of these treatments.  There are known risks to many medications.  Patients with diabetes need to be cautious about cortisone, or steroid shots and medications.  If the neck or back pain is mild, we often suggest patients consider the least costly alternative, which is to take medications and consider neck exercises, or back exercises.

For more significant spine complaints,  you can consider other options as listed to your left.  In our office,  in addition to offering medications,  exercises,  physical therapy, and local shots,  we may consider either Epidural Steroid injections or facet injections.

Last modified: October 22, 2019