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Pain on a Plane; How to Avoid it

Pain on a Plane ; How to Avoid it

1.73 million people take a plane in America every day. The vast majority of these trips are business related but sooner or later almost everyone has a reason to get on a plane. A good portion of these people have neck or low back pain and do not look forward to hours in the air.

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There are many different ways people try to avoid pain when they travel.

  • All luggage should be small, well balanced and have wheels in good working condition. Check luggage when you can, and use a skycap for multiple bags and getting bags off the carousel.


  • Flights should be booked as early as possible, so an aisle seat can be obtained. Also decide whether it is easier to have one long flight or connecting shorter ones.


  • Make sure your medications are in their original prescription bottles and that they are in your carry-on luggage. Lost clothes can be an inconvenience : lost or unidentified meds can be a disaster.


  • Get TSA pre check, avoid being late and wear easy slip on shoes. Stress and anxiety can increase pain.


  • Bring a small towel to act a lumbar roll, make good use of a travel neck pillow and try to avoid sleeping with your neck in a poor position.


  • Lastly, get up and move or stretch every 30 minutes. Time your bathroom breaks and do not over hydrate.


There is no reason to miss family holidays or important events because you have chronic back pain. Just plan ahead and do a few simple things that can make your trip much more enjoyable. Bon Voyage!

Last modified: December 11, 2020

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