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Neck Surgery Discharge Instructions

Neck Surgery Discharge Instructions

This information is being given to you to at the time of your discharge from the hospital to provide you with instructions for your care at home.

  1. A post-operative follow-up office visit should have been scheduled for you at the time you set up your surgery. It is generally 10 to 14 days after surgery. If you are unsure of the date and time or just need to move your appointment, please call our office at (813)-814-9251.
  2. We utilize a dressing called Silverlon.  It is made to get wet.  You may shower with the dressing, just pat it dry.  Do not remove the dressing until the post-op visit.
  3. Your incision was closed with dissolvable stitches that are under the level of your skin. At the followup office visit, we will give you further instructions after inspecting the incision.
  4. Following surgery, Dr. Shim has provided you with a soft cervical collar. This is for your comfort. You are encouraged to take the collar off several times per day and reapply it to help keep your neck muscles relaxed. You may remove it as tolerated. At the time of you first post-operative office visit, Dr. Shim will talk to you about possibly discontinuing the use of the cervical collar.
  5. At the time of discharge, you will be given a prescription for pain medication for use at home. Follow the instructions given when taking this medication. Do not take more than is prescribed. If you feel that you don’t need the medicine, simply avoid taking it. If the medication makes you sick in any way or is not working for you, please call our office during the day to change your medication.
  6. It is not uncommon to have any of the following symptoms after surgery:

    • Residual neck and / or arm pain – Tingling in the arms, hands, and fingers
    • Soar throat or feeling of a “lump” in your throat – Hoarseness
    • Discomfort in between the shoulder blades
    • These symptoms tend to resolve over time. Please let Dr. Shim and / or his physician assistant know at the time of your first post-operative visit if you have any of the above symptoms.
  7. If you experience any of the following:You may do light activities until your first post-operative visit. Avoid any lifting, overhead activity, heavy pushing or pulling. Let pain be your guide. If an activity causes or increases your pain, avoid that activity.
    • Fevers (above 101.5 degrees), chills, or continuous sweats
    • Drainage from your surgical incision
    • Redness around incision site
    • Inability to swallow
    • Increasing pain or numbness
    • Please call the office and speak with our clinical staff to inform them of your symptoms.
  8. Most importantly, RELAX….. give your neck the chance to heal. Don’t over do it!!

Last modified: October 22, 2019