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Questions for the Spine Surgeon

Have you been told you need Spinal Surgery? If possible, it is always wise to get a second opinion. But wait!  Do your homework first. This is what I would do before seeing a spine surgeon for a second opinion…. 1.  Go with a trusted friend or family member. Two sets of ears and two […]

Cervical Radiculopathy

What is Cervical Radiculopathy? The most common cause of Cervical Radiculopathy,  a herniated nucleus pulposus (herniated disc), which pinches one of the nerves in the neck. Other causes of cervical radiculopathy include bone spurs,  fractures,  infections and tumors.  Fortunately,  most of the time,  the causes are not as serious as the latter three. What are […]

What is Radiculopathy?

Often times,  physicians use a lot of terms freely with patients,  assuming the patients know what the word means.  Radiculopathy is one of those terms.  In the most simplest terms,  it does mean a pinched nerve in the spine.   It is important to know that radiculopathy really means pinching of the nerves as the […]

Pinched Nerve

Think you have a pinched nerve? A pinched nerve is a common experience for most people over the age of 35.  Usually, it is associated with pain,  burning, or a tingling sensation to either the arms or legs.   While the pinching can occur out the spine, in conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, most […]

Neck Pain Treatment

Are you interested in Neck Pain Treatments?  Obviously, you have neck pain.  Your physician must now figure out why. Initially, your physician may ask a series of questions about the pain: When did the neck pain start? Is there any associated trauma, such as a fall, accident, or altercation? Was the development of pain gradual, […]

Is Trauma the Cause of Cervical Radiculopathy?

As a practicing orthopaedic Spine Surgeon,  I am constantly asked about the cause of cervical radiculopathy.  From the patients,  I am asked ” Doc,  do you know why I developed this pinched nerve in my neck?”.   And,  since we are now in this environment of medical cost evaluation,  the insurance companies then ask ” Doctor,  […]