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Degenerative Disk Disease? There Will be Pain…Maybe

Why Do Spines Degenerate? Hi, I am Dr. John Shim, and this is a common question asked by many of my patients. I hope you had a chance to already view my basic spine anatomy video, as that foundation will make it much easier to understand this Spine Degeneration discussion. To simplify […]

Degenerative Disk Disease

What is Degenerative Disk Disease? It is a  process that essentially means the spine is aging.   In my opinion,  it should never had been classified as a disease, as it affects all of us, if we live long enough.  In one of my earlier blogs,  I reviewed medical research that demonstrated that disk disease […]

Disk Degeneration in 21 Year Olds

During my training,  it was assumed that the average adolescent or teenager should have normal disc anatomy. It was assumed that  disc herniation/degeneration was a rare occurrence in that population.  But,  at that time,  technology such as a MRI scanner was relatively new, rare and expensive.  We did not have the capability to test to see […]