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Why Lumbar Discectomy?

Why Lumbar Discectomy?Most people have heard about lumbar discectomy surgery for herniated disks. This surgery has changed the way many people feel about back surgery. In the past many back surgeries had uniformly poor results, and the chance of a positive outcome was not that great.  But, times have changed, and small incisions being done […]

Great Expectations- But Let’s be Realistic

We see so many patients who have already had surgery somewhere else and are disappointed in the outcome. They have unresolved numbness, pain or weakness after extensive surgery and feel they should be doing much better. Their expectations have not been met. Let’s talk…. For most of us, if we are recommending surgery to a […]

The Chance of Lumbar Discectomy Reoperation

In general appropriate properly selected patients do well with lumbar discectomy surgery.  By definition,  a properly selected patient is one who has a well defined disk herniation on diagnostic testing,  with corresponding physical examination findings of neurotension  (straight leg raise findings), and identified loss of sensation,  reflex changes and/or weakness that follows a specific nerve […]