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You Would Do It for Your Dog

And Your Dog Would do it for You I am always interested how people arrive at decisions. Many weigh out pros and cons. Some are influenced by advertising and others by what their family and friends think. No matter how you make a big decision in your life, you learn to realize you have to […]

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Stand Up Desks

We often hear of careers that come with many side effects as we get older. Nurses are known to end up with bad backs and sore feet. Construction workers with pulled muscles, herniated discs and broken bones. What we don’t hear about are the side effects of sitting at a desk all day. They often […]

Why would I Pay for a Consult if I have National Health Care?

Why would I Pay for a Consult if I have National Health Care? National Health Care is a wonderful thing. If you require emergency care, or have a chronic disease or cancer, you will be looked after in a timely, advanced and professional way. If you have a none urgent condition such as back pain, […]

How Much is Your Time Worth?

We’ve all heard it said. “Time is money”. What does it really mean? Does it mean to do everything quickly because you’re losing money every time you slow down? Think about it. What a horrible way to live. You feel pressure every day to make every minute “worth it”. I’m as guilty as the next […]

Am I a Good Patient?

You could ask a hundred different offices what a “good patient” is to them and you would probably get a hundred different answers. Every practice has its own personality and personnel. What is important to each office will make or break an appointment. Let’s talk… There are  certain things that will make your life easier […]

Spine Surgeon “Tough Love”

No one should want to see a Spine Surgeon.  The evaluation is  secondary to pain, and loss of activity.  Spine Surgery is painful.  It is a necessary,  difficult process that is beneficial to the patient in the long run.  That definition can also be considered a form of  “Tough Love”. Those who have delivered “Tough […]