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Do You Need an Advocate?

The world of medicine has become increasingly more complicated over the last few years.  You used to go to your primary care physician and he or she would send you to a specialist if necessary. You then did what the specialist recommended.   Insurance has become more expensive, physician groups more competitive and the criteria  for […]

Is a Private Physician The Answer?

Is a Private Physician the Answer? As we all know, health care has made a lot of changes in the last few years. The everyday consumer has been hit with higher rates along with higher deductibles and we all know that salaries and benefits have not increased accordingly. As we see more people covered by medical insurance, we actually […]

International Patients Welcome

International Patients As you can see from previous blogs, we do things a little differently at ShimSpine. We provide personal service, don’t take health insurance and try to be our patient’s biggest advocate. I’m sure that a lot of people think that because we are in Florida, we would be unable to help them.  This is not true […]

51% vs 49%

It only takes one grain to tip the scale As a treating Physician,  Spine Surgeon,  and a Medical Expert,  I am often asked to offer analysis on certain medical situations. I write letters,  and sign forms regarding return to work, work restrictions,  temporary disabled parking permits,  the need for additional medications,  and therapy.  I am often […]

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Let’s Talk Motor Vehicle Accidents If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, I’m sure you have discovered it is not easy to get the medical care that you feel you need. Many physicians do not take car insurance and are reluctant to wait for a legal suit to settle to get paid. Let’s talk…. Before you […]

You are Worth It

Let’s Talk You are Worth it It’s kind of a crazy world out there. We are inundated with information from TV, radio, and Social Media. We should be able to make decisions quickly and informatively but sometimes there is just too much unfiltered information. Companies are large, Law Offices have 50 lawyers and Medical practices […]