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Stem Cells for Back Pain: 2020 Update

What’s the update on stem cells for back pain?  The last time I talked about this was in 2018.  So what’s the latest news about this controversial topic? If you watch any advertisement for this procedure online or on TV,  you would think it was an approved, tried and true procedure for improving back pain.  As […]

Placebo vs Nocebo Effect

What is the “Placebo Effect”?  The placebo effect refers to a phenomenon that occurs when patients show an improvement in their condition upon receiving treatment designed to have no therapeutic benefit.  It’s also known as the  “Sugar Pill Effect”.  In research trials,  an active treatment is tested on a group of subjects,  and then a similar […]

When to See a Doctor for Back Pain

So,  when should you see a doctor for back pain? For those who have been following along with our blogs, I have described my process on how to manage non-emergency back pain.     Unfortunately,  for about 10% of you,  despite your patience, your commitment to regular exercise, and other accommodations you have made,  you are still in […]

What Is Pain?

Doc, why do I feel Pain? Believe it or not, that is a very complex question. Experiencing pain is a very important way for animals to prevent further injury. We all know that putting our hand in a fire will result in a burn. But knowing this and actually experiencing the effect of putting your […]

Walking and Stretching to Relieve Back Pain

Why do I recommend walking, stretching and exercising for chronic low back pain? For all back pains, we know that a person with good overall condition, good back and stomach muscle strength, and good flexibility will be less likely to develop a chronic back condition.  If you have chronic back pain, I would recommend staying […]

Restrictions for an Injured Back

When you have back pain, recommendations include avoiding bending at the waist, and minimizing lifting of any objects more than 25 lbs. How did these restrictions come about? Let’s be frank. When your back hurts, you do not want to bend, or lift anyway. But, as you get better, people are asking for guidelines. When […]