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PTSD After the Accident

One unfortunate consequence of the high volume of automobile travel in the US is the number of accidents that result in personal injury and fatalities. It is thought that each year, approximately 1% of the US population (3 million people) will be injured in motor vehicle accidents. Let’s talk…. Most people are in minor crashes […]

Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Back Pain

So often we see patients who suffer from anxiety, depression or have extremely stressful lives. These patients often complain of neck and back pain, usually more severe than their testing would indicate. They are not malingering, nor are they exaggerating. They really feel this pain. Let’s talk…… The body’s reaction to stress varies with each […]

Minimally Invasive Discectomy vs Micro/Open Discectomy

We’ve all heard of “Minimally Invasive Discectomy” as it is used as a marketing ploy almost everywhere. Everyone has a different description of what minimally invasive actually is. Some consider MIS as surgery being done through small incisions, with less dissection, and therefore less pain, and faster recovery.   With that criteria, many of the spine […]

Risks Associated with MRI Scans

What are the risks associated with MRI Scans? From a practical point of view,  there are few medical risks.  MRI’s do not utilize radiation.  Unless there is use of a dye,  it is completely noninvasive. Most patients can tolerate the procedure well. But, certain patients do have some medical risks associated with MRI Scans.  If […]

Would You Like Some Meat With That Burger?

Let’s face it, we have all had a fast food burger at some point. Either out of convenience or craving, it is a cheap meal on the go. Or is it? Is using the term ‘meal’ being generous? When you think about it, how is it possible to buy a full hamburger (bun, patty, cheese, […]

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Questions for the Spine Surgeon

Have you been told you need Spinal Surgery? If possible, it is always wise to get a second opinion. But wait!  Do your homework first. This is what I would do before seeing a spine surgeon for a second opinion…. 1.  Go with a trusted friend or family member. Two sets of ears and two […]