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Questions for the Spine Surgeon

Have you been told you need Spinal Surgery? If possible, it is always wise to get a second opinion. But wait!  Do your homework first. This is what I would do before seeing a spine surgeon for a second opinion…. 1.  Go with a trusted friend or family member. Two sets of ears and two […]

Does Optimism Help Spine Surgery Results?

People who undergo elective spine surgery usually fall into three general groups: 1. Hard charging optimists –  People who do not have time for the pain,  and dysfunction, of spine problems.  These folks are often in a rush to go directly to surgery. 2. Cautious realists –   These patients spend appropriate time to understand their problem  and the risks […]

Research on Twins and Disc Degeneration

So,  what if you had a study where identical twins were subject to difference occupations and followed over time to see if there was any difference in the development of disk degeneration?  I think everyone would agree that would be a fascinating study.   If we had just a study,   maybe we would have enough data to […]

What is myelopathy?

Myelopathy means a compromised state of the spinal cord.  And,  there are multiple reasons for that situation. The more uncommon reasons are secondary to vascular compromise.  Usually there is compromise of the blood supply to the spinal cord.  Typically,  it is the anterior spinal artery that is effected,  although,  posterior artery (there are two of […]

Does Lumbar Spinal Fusion work?

Spine technology continues to evolve,  despite the background debate on the cost and efficacy of spine surgery,  in general.  Since the early 2000’s,  the spine surgery community has been closely scrutinized by the government, and the payers of spine surgery services. While still being debated,  there is no question that the utilization of the lumbar […]

Concussions Affect the Spine

The concussions in sports conversation will surely be brought up again as football season starts.   Most of the discussion is about the affects on the brain.  As a spine surgeon, I made a video to further the discussion as the spine and neck are also affected by the forces that cause concussions. CitationsElkin BS, Elliott […]