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The MRI and Myelopathy

Lately,  I have seen a few patients that have been told they had Myelopathy.  After evaluating them,  I was certain that they have been misinformed about the nature of Myelopathy.  In the most simplest definition,  Myelopathy means irritation or damage to the spinal cord. The confusion is secondary to the definition of irritation or damage […]

Spine Surgery and the Fountain of Youth

Everyone wants to stay young.  But why?  For some,  the appearance is most important.  We have to admit that our society values youth,  energy, and beauty.  In reality,  to feel strong  and vigorous,  and to live an active lifestyle is more important.  Botox may make you look better,  but it rarely allows you to feel younger. […]

Effects of Delayed Lumbar Disk Surgery

Lately,  there has been lot’s of news about the excessive use of the spinal fusion operation.  Little attention is focused on one procedure that has been demonstrated to help spine patients.  Lumbar Disk Surgery,  or Lumbar Discectomy has been studied extensively.  As a Spine Surgeon,  I am glad to know that in the properly selected […]

Why Plates and Screws?

So,  your surgeon says you need spine surgery.  And,  it is a surgery that will require hardware,  including plates and screws.  Go to the other blog pages about why the surgery.  Let’s talk about Why Plates and Screws? For the most part,  plates and screws are used to hold your vertebra still,  or in a certain […]

Goals of Spine Surgery

As a Spine Surgeon,  I want to give my patients a chance at a successful outcome.  But,   I find some patients to be unrealistic about the goals. So the topic can be broached,  I thought I would share my thoughts on the Goals of Spine Surgery.  As we will see,  there are many considerations to spinal surgery.      As always,  these […]

Disk Surgery

Have you been told you need Disk Surgery?   Unfortunately, that is a common situation faced by many patients that suffer from back pain with radiating,  shooting leg pain. In extreme situations,  such as severe weakness, or loss of control of bowel and bladder function,  assuming the disk is the cause of the problem,  you will need […]