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Patients can determine Spine Surgery Results

YOU can make a difference in your SPINE SURGERY results!  While patients often will look towards the skill of the surgeon, there are other important factors that will determine the outcome. Following post operative instructions can have a significant effect on the outcome.  YOU can improve your SPINE SURGERY OUTCOMES by listening to your SURGEON. […]

Depression and Spine Surgery

Unfortunately,  there is a bit of the “chicken or the egg” analogy in terms of the association of depression and chronic pain.   By definition (NIH) chronic pain is a continuous constant pain that is more than three months in duration.  Pain,  in the acute setting,  is a very important response.  While not pleasant (understatement, […]

Lumbar Fusion Adjacent Level Disease

In the July 2004 Edition of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery,  Dr. Ghiselli et al performed a retrospective review on patients that had undergone lumbar fusions by primarily by the Late Dr. Edgar Dawson,  distinguished professor and spine surgeon affliated with UCLA.  The goal was to establish the rate of developing symptomatic adjacent […]

Breast Reduction Surgery for Back Pain

Big Breasts can cause back pain!  This is obviously a sensitive topic,  but a common one discussed in many spine surgeon’s offices.   Just so it is clear,  spine surgeons do NOT perform Breast Reduction Surgery.  We,  however, are asked if the large sized breasts are the source of neck and or upper back pain.  Breast […]

Percutaneous Discectomy

What is Percutaneous Discectomy?  Just the words themselves seem intimidating.  But,  in the most basic form,  it means a large bore needle is placed into the disk,  and either a suction device, or a disc vaporization device is used to remove disk material from the end of the needle.  usually,  a very small incision,  or […]

The Advantages of Cervical Foraminotomy

I am assuming you have already had the discussion about the need for a neck surgery for a pinched nerve in the neck.  Let us assume you have already failed the standard non-surgical treatments including time,  medications,  therapy and injections.  Let us further assume certain diagnostic tests have isolated the pinched nerves to a specific […]