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The sacroiliac joint is the joint which connects the hip bone with the iliac bone on either side of the lumbar spine. When there is inflammation of this joint it is called Sacroiliitis. Pain is usually worse after staying in one position for any length of time. Moderate movement is actually helpful. Diseases that can […]

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Microdiscectomy Surgery

What exactly is Microdiscectomy?  In the simplest terms,  it means removal of disc material that is pinching a nerve,  using small incisions and with magnification.  In the United States,  there is an average of 300,000 discectomy type surgeries performed per year. For the vast majority of patients,  the reason for microdisectomy is PAIN,  despite treatments such […]

Minimally Invasive Discectomy vs Micro/Open Discectomy

We’ve all heard of “Minimally Invasive Discectomy” as it is used as a marketing ploy almost everywhere. Everyone has a different description of what minimally invasive actually is. Some consider MIS as surgery being done through small incisions, with less dissection, and therefore less pain, and faster recovery.   With that criteria, many of the spine […]

Great Expectations- But Let’s be Realistic

We see so many patients who have already had surgery somewhere else and are disappointed in the outcome. They have unresolved numbness, pain or weakness after extensive surgery and feel they should be doing much better. Their expectations have not been met. Let’s talk…. For most of us, if we are recommending surgery to a […]

What Is Happening in the Operating Room?

So, you have decided to have surgery. You have been to your pre-op appointment and had the whole procedure explained. You explain it to your family by saying “they said it would only take an hour” so the day of surgery your family is freaking out because you’ve been in there two hours. Let’s talk…… […]

Surgery Count Down

Surgery Count Down So you’ve made the decision. You are going to have surgery. Now you have to get ready. So many things have to be considered like, do you live alone? Is access to your house easy? What are you going to be able to do when you get home? Let’s talk… Surgery is […]