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Spine Surgery and the Fountain of Youth

Spine Surgery and the Fountain of Youth

Everyone wants to stay young.  But why?  For some,  the appearance is most important.  We have to admit that our society values youth,  energy, and beauty.  In reality,  to feel strong  and vigorous,  and to live an active lifestyle is more important.  Botox may make you look better,  but it rarely allows you to feel younger.

What if you want to Feel Good AND Look Good?

As a Spine Surgeon practicing in Florida,  I see so many recently retired men and women who saved all their lives to enjoy their retirement,  but cannot secondary to severe back pain.   Forget looking young,  these patients want to feel young,  and live life the way they dreamed.  Many have great finances to enjoy an active life,  if only their spine will let them.

Luckily for some,  Spine Surgery can be the Fountain of Youth.

We have to remember that most of the elective surgeries performed on the musculoskeletal system is really an attempt to reverse the aging process.

We develop bone spurs that press on the nerves and the tendons.  We wear out our cartilage to our joints.  The surgeries designed to remove bone spurs or replace damaged joints are really an effort to turn back the clock.

In regards to the spine,  most manifestations of aging are related to the degeneration of the disk,  disk herniations,  and bone spurs.  The herniations and spurs pinch the nerves causing severe neck,  back,  arm or leg pain.  While many of these pinches go away over time,  others linger, and worsen.

For many people,  there may be a surgery that may remove the offending bone spur or disk herniation.  Fortunately,  most of these surgeries are minimally invasive,  with rapid return back to the more active lifestyle.  Spine Surgery can be the Fountain of Youth for select patients.

Please know that I am not talking about the big fusion operations offered by many of the “Institutes”.  The Spine Surgery Fountain of Youth Surgery is usually a removal of a disk,  removal of a bone spur,  or a limited neck fusion operation.  For the most part,  these surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis.   For people who are active,  but impaired by a recent development of pinched nerve,  there may be a solution for your problems.  Consider an appointment with a spine surgeon if you want to return back to activity,  but are hampered by a pinched nerve that has not gone away with therapy,  medications,  injections or time.

While not everyone will be a candidate for surgery,  it can make a significant difference for some. See if there is an option for you. Get back to your life. It can be a game changer.

For Medicare recipients,  I need to let you know I no longer accept medicare in my practice.  The good news is you still have a choice, as an American , to see whom ever you want,  as long as you think the evaluation is worth the fee.  Please read my blog on  “Why I no longer accept Medicare” and you can decide if my style is right for you.

Blog is the personal opinion of John Shim MD based on over 20 years s a spine surgeon in private practice.

Last modified: January 5, 2018

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