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The Drug Addict is Not Who you Think

So many people have a picture in their heads of what a drug addict looks like, what their lives are like, and how they ended up with such a problem. A good portion of these people would be wrong. Instead of an unemployed, dirty hobo lying in an alley that most people picture, a good portion […]

Do Disc Herniations Cause Pain?

Do Disk Herniations Cause Pain?  The answer is maybe.  There has been plenty of research on this topic, and while the exact mechanism of pain can still be debated, in general most agree the cause of pain, discomfort and radiations are secondary to three factors: 1. Chemical irritation.  When a disk herniates, the soft inner […]

Recurrent Herniated Nucleus Pulposus

  Statistically, Recurrent Herniated Nucleus Pulposus occur more commonly than hoped. When you have a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus,  the outer fibers of your disk, or the annulus has weakened allowing a tear, and subsequent rupture of the soft nucleus material out of the disk.  We can debate the cause of the weakening of the outer annulus,  but usually, it […]

Why we have Disk Herniations

Today,  I saw a very rare patient.  Why?  Because he is 40 years old,  and his MRI report read “Normal Lumbar Spine.”   After looking at his MRI,  I came to the same conclusion.  There was no evidence of any disk narrowing,  disk dehydration, or bone spur development.  But he had back pain,  from a […]

Do all Disk herniations Cause Pain?

Surprisingly,  many disk herniations are not associated with pain.  The classic 1990 paper written by Boden et al demonstrated the prevalence of significant lumbar MRI findings in asymptomatic individuals. As a Doctor,  and Spine Specialist,  I know this to be true.  I see it almost on a daily basis in my office.  There is too common […]