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Spinal Stenosis

Believe it or not, you can have a lot of things  happening in your body without you even realizing it. Spinal Stenosis is one of those things. By the time you feel it, something may have to be done to slow down or reverse the symptoms that have finally decided to show themselves. Let’s talk… In […]

Your Chance of having spine surgery may depend on where you live.

As a practicing Spine Surgeon for more than 20 years,  I have had the great honor of witnessing tremendous changes in my field.  During my residency training in the late 1980’s,  spine surgery was about to begin a tremendous technology change. As we are now in 2015,  Newer,  safer,  faster diagnostic testing such as MRI’s, […]

Does Everyone Get Spinal Stenosis?

If you live long enough,  you will get spinal stenosis.   Everyone must face the fact that they will age.  It is better than the alternative.  Aging is the process by which the cells in your body die, but the replacement cells do not have the same initially properties of the older cells.  Some scientists […]

The Framingham Spinal Stenosis Study

Most people know about the Famous Framingham Heart Study.  The study followed a group of volunteers from Framingham Massachusetts for an extended period of time.  The first group of 5209 volunteers were 30-60 year old men and women enrolled in the study from 1948.  All sorts of measures were documented.  In 1971,  5124 children of […]