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Lasers, Stem Cells and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

As a spine surgeon,  I get it!  In the ideal situation,  spine surgery will have a tiny incision,  with no surgical pain,  the latest technology,  and the ability to recreate the normal state after the procedure. Many times,  you can acheive success if you wait long enough.  That is because many spine problems can improve without surgical […]

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The Drug Addict is Not Who you Think

So many people have a picture in their heads of what a drug addict looks like, what their lives are like, and how they ended up with such a problem. A good portion of these people would be wrong. Instead of an unemployed, dirty hobo lying in an alley that most people picture, a good portion […]

When is Spine Pain an Emergency?

So often we hear from people who are upset with Emergency Rooms because they feel their neck or back pain was not treated with the seriousness it deserved. A traumatic event such as a bad fall or a serious car accident with any sign of severe pain, or abnormal neurological signs such as paralysis, should […]

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Questions for the Spine Surgeon

Have you been told you need Spinal Surgery? If possible, it is always wise to get a second opinion. But wait!  Do your homework first. This is what I would do before seeing a spine surgeon for a second opinion…. 1.  Go with a trusted friend or family member. Two sets of ears and two […]

Before you have Spine Surgery

“Before you have Spine Surgery……..”  there should be a discussion on the risks, benefits, and alternatives. I see patients for surgery second opinions almost every day.  Naturally,  the patients are in pain, and often have some weakness.  But,  I am surprised on how many patients have not truly explored their alternatives.  So,  here is a […]

Second Opinions

Let’s Talk Second Opinions You are in pain! Your back, neck, shoulder or knee are killing you. You’ve been to see a physician and surgery is recommended. Yay! You are going to feel better. Not so fast… Let’s talk……. If you are in enough pain, you will agree to anything to make it stop. We know that. […]

Spine Surgery? Sometimes, it is better to wait.

If you have a serious life or limb threatening condition,  you need to trust your physicians and get spine surgery if that is their recommendation. If you have a serious life or limb threatening condition,  I hope you are not reading this blog,  and instead getting medical care NOW. For the rest of you,  please […]

Your Chance of having spine surgery may depend on where you live.

As a practicing Spine Surgeon for more than 20 years,  I have had the great honor of witnessing tremendous changes in my field.  During my residency training in the late 1980’s,  spine surgery was about to begin a tremendous technology change. As we are now in 2015,  Newer,  safer,  faster diagnostic testing such as MRI’s, […]

Spine Surgery for Baseball Players

WE are now mid season for Major League Baseball,  and some injuries are starting to take its toll on various teams.  While shoulder and arm injuries are most common,  there is a small but significant number of players with spine related injuries. Historically,  we know several players have gone on to surgical management of herniated […]

Spine Surgery Effective for Senior Population

There is a healthy fear of spine surgery,  especially in the senior citizen population.  At the same time,  so many are in such pain,  there is a willingness to have spine surgery.  Luckily,  there is evidence that Spine Surgery is safe for the over 80 year old population. In the February 4, 2015 edition of […]