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Walking is the Best Exercise

Walking is the Best Exercise

Many of our patients want to know the best exercise for their spine problems.  Some bring me reams of information about the latest exercise trends.   To all of them,  I say  JUST WALK!

If you are already in great shape,  good for you!  But the rest of us need a simple way to get our exercise.  For us,  WALKING is the best way to start the process of getting back into shape.

Here are the advantages:

1.  We all already know how to do it.   Unless you are wheelchair bound,  walking is a part of your everyday existence.  Walking is our natural form or locomotion and through its process,  we must use almost all our muscles to achieve motion,  balance,  and posture.  In addition to the obvious use of muscles to the feet,  legs,  and hips,  walking means a coordinated use of back,  abdominal,  and neck muscles.  With more vigorous strides,  arm and shoulder muscles are necessary to achieve balance.

2. Walking helps maintain weight,  and burns calories.  Find below a calorie calculator provided by

Calories Burned Calculator
Estimate the calories you burned walking:

Powered by Everyday Health.

3. Walking should not cost anything but your time.  If the weather or safety is a concern,  get to a local shopping mall or a well lit public venue.

4.  Walking can help you emotionally and socially.  By increasing your activity,  most will become more confident in their physical abilities.  By walking together with friends,  it helps nurture the social bonds necessary for all people.

The bottomline is walking can help you transition into  a more active lifestyle.  Walk!  Be active!    It will help you feel better.




Last modified: January 5, 2018

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