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Wine and Spine (update)

Does Wine and Spine have benefits?

Wine lovers have more reason to celebrate!  By now, many have heard about the Mediterranean Diet.  Fruits, vegetables, olive oil and red wine, have shown benefits for reduction of cardiac disease.

But how does Wine and Spine problems relate?  Red wine has been show to contain resveratrol, a naturally occurring chemical in grape skin that is under investigation for multiple positive health effects.  While there are ongoing studies about it’s potential anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects,  we are naturally interested in the interaction of Resveratrol, or Wine and Spine effects.

A 2008 Rush University study showed  the promise of Resveratrol in slowing the disk degenerative properties in bovine spine discs.  In plain english, it means cows will not wear out their disks if they drink wine.

A 2013 Chinese study indicates Resveratrol may have potential pain blocking properties.  Wine and Spine pain reduction may be related!?

A 2011 British study comparing the bone density of women concluded wine drinkers had better bone density.

A 2012 study indicates alcohol consumption slows bone turn over in post menopausal women.

A recent MIT study continues to show promise with resveratrol, and now several companies are in the process of making drugs to potential it’s effects.

As a practical point,  I am not suggesting everyone with back pain start drinking lots of wine.  Generally accepted recommendations are only one glass of wine per day for women, and up to two glasses a day for men.  There are plenty of studies indicating that more than that amount will reverse any of the advantages.    And for you college students,  it does not mean you can drink a weeks worth of wine on one night!

But there may be benefits to Wine and Spine.  Anecdotally, many of my patients do agree that with Wine, Spine pain does improve.  There may be the relaxation effect of the alcohol.  There may be the stress reduction effect, that also calms the muscles and the nerves.

There is plenty of on going research about Resveratrol and anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.  But don’t assume if a little helps,  why not take more?  Like all things,  moderation and quantity control will be important.  Enjoy your Wine and Spine might improve.  Just be reasonable about it.  And don’t blame my blog if you have too many glasses!

Last modified: March 11, 2019

4 thoughts on “Wine and Spine (update)

  1. Thanks for the interesting news! I always enjoy your posts. I’m sure our friend, Dan Watkins, would have volunteered for a clinical trial!

    1. Thank you. We all miss Dan. But, I am certain there is a version of the internet in Heaven. He probably is reading this now!

  2. John…I love it! Thanks for the heads up on the red wine…my back already feels better! Cheers! Doug

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