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Disk Surgery

Have you been told you need Disk Surgery?   Unfortunately, that is a common situation faced by many patients that suffer from back pain with radiating,  shooting leg pain. In extreme situations,  such as severe weakness, or loss of control of bowel and bladder function,  assuming the disk is the cause of the problem,  you will need […]

Neck Pain Treatment

Are you interested in Neck Pain Treatments?  Obviously, you have neck pain.  Your physician must now figure out why. Initially, your physician may ask a series of questions about the pain: When did the neck pain start? Is there any associated trauma, such as a fall, accident, or altercation? Was the development of pain gradual, […]

Video gaming, Virtual Reality, and Back Pain

Video gaming, Virtual Reality, and Back Pain Several years ago, The Entertainment Software Association published data on the video game industry.  At that time, the industry generated over $25 billion in annual revenues in which more than 70% of American households admitted to playing computer or video games.  One would think that the average age […]

Prescription Drugs, Driving and Machinery

In Florida,  you can be prosecuted for Driving under the Influence even while taking prescribed narcotic drugs and muscle relaxers.  In Florida,  many employers perform random drug testing of it’s employees, and require drug testing,  for employment.  Most companies now require drug testing when accidents occur with the use of heavy machinery. Why do I […]

Loss of Cervical Lordosis

As a practicing Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon,  I often get back x-ray reports indicating “Loss of Cervical Lordosis”.   As most of my patients are highly educated,  they often will read that report, and will come to discuss the finding.  So,  I thought I would share my comments on the topic. As some of you may know,  […]

Neck Pain

Do you have Neck Pain? Unfortunately, neck pain affects a large number of people, and the causes do not always seem obvious.   Most of the time,  it will be a self limiting process and will improve with time. Explanations of neck pain include arthritis, which is a degeneration of the bones and joints in […]