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How much Chiropractic Care is Reasonable?

This is a very common question asked by my patients. In the past, I could only suggest the patient speak to the Chiropractor and discuss the costs versus the benefits. There has been some information collected and discussed by the RAND Corporation in the early 1990’s.  Recommendations of Chiropractic treatments varied between 1-5 visits a […]

Spine Surgery and the Fountain of Youth

Everyone wants to stay young.  But why?  For some,  the appearance is most important.  We have to admit that our society values youth,  energy, and beauty.  In reality,  to feel strong  and vigorous,  and to live an active lifestyle is more important.  Botox may make you look better,  but it rarely allows you to feel younger. […]

Soccer and Back Pain

Many of us get up early on a Saturday morning to watch European soccer (football), watch our kids play soccer or to play ourselves. Behind the scenes in the professional games,  are teams of physicians trying to prepare the players for the next game.  There will always be concerns of soccer and back pain, especially with […]

Goals of Spine Surgery

As a Spine Surgeon,  I want to give my patients a chance at a successful outcome.  But,   I find some patients to be unrealistic about the goals. So the topic can be broached,  I thought I would share my thoughts on the Goals of Spine Surgery.  As we will see,  there are many considerations to spinal surgery.      As always,  these […]

Hot Tub Therapy for Neck and Back Pain

Among the many modalities that can be used to manage neck and back pain, the use of a hot tub is usually one of the pleasurable indulgences that many have taken advantage of or have at least thought of. Patients will often ask if there is benefit to using a hot tub. Historically, the Greeks, […]

Back Pain and Traveling

Back pain is inconvenient at best,  life altering at worst.   Still,  with or without it,  we must continue to do what we need to do to participate in the activities of life.  A common question asked by patients concern traveling.  The specific questions asked are, when I have back pain, can I ride on a […]