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Telemedicine CME’s

A part of my practice includes performing medical legal examinations. In Florida, a form of these evaluations are called Compulsory Medical Examinations. To briefly describe their purpose, If you are injured, then you can and will seek care from a physician. But, if you are then filing a legal claim against an individual or a […]

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20 years Cervical Spine

What happens to the disks in your neck over 20 years? In 2018, Dr. Kenshi Daimon published a research paper addressing that question. I am going to summarize the findings. From 1993-1996, about 500 neck pain free healthy volunteers had MRI studies of the neck. After 20 years, Each volunteer was then asked to obtain […]

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Teen Athletes and Back Pain

Why do teenage athletes get Back pain? Surprisingly,  it is a common complaint,  especially if you are a rower, cross country skier, football player or gymnast.  It is a matter of overuse, and in certain sports activities, asymmetrically developing one set of muscles over the other. In rowers, and cross country skiers, it is a […]

What is a facet injection?

If you have watched our other videos, you know that the facet is the joint in the back of the spine neck and connects one bone to the other. Over time, the facet joints can develop arthritis and developed pain.  Sometimes, the facet joint can be injured and be a source of pain. In certain […]

Why We Need A Spine

Why do we have a spine?  It is because our bodies must protect the signals from your head to your body parts.  Your brain sends communication to your muscles and other body parts by connecting brain signals to those parts. The connection to those parts is through the extension of the brain, the spinal cord, […]

Why we have Back Sprains / Strains

Most people sprain/strain ligaments and muscles of the back.  The back is a very complex structure.  The main purpose is to support your frame,  allowing safe movement,  while protecting the important vital organs in your abdominal area. The spine is also the conduit for the nerve signals going from your brain to the legs and […]