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Face Mask Removal is Safer than Helmet Removal

Everyone enjoys loves football in America.  The SuperBowl is the most watched  American TV event on a yearly basis.  Football can be a metaphor for war,  competition,  and victory.  That is why so many young men risk injury to play the sport.   Injuries are a reality,  and behind the scenes,  there are trained professionals ready to give […]

Effects of Delayed Lumbar Disk Surgery

Lately,  there has been lot’s of news about the excessive use of the spinal fusion operation.  Little attention is focused on one procedure that has been demonstrated to help spine patients.  Lumbar Disk Surgery,  or Lumbar Discectomy has been studied extensively.  As a Spine Surgeon,  I am glad to know that in the properly selected […]

C5 Syndrome

For patients who undergo cervical myelopathy/radiculopathy surgery,  surgeons always have concern for developing the so called C5 Syndrome.   Some patients do wake up with weakness to the deltoid and biceps muscles.  Typically, however,  patients will not experience the weakness for a few days after the surgery.  You can imagine the concern for both the patient and […]

Waddell’s Signs

This is a very difficult topic.  It, however is an appropriate discussion,  considering we are in a national debate about healthcare and its costs. As a physician,  sometimes we are asked to make judgements on the validity of a patients complaints, and compare them to the physical findings.  It can be an uncomfortable position for some […]

Stem Cells to Treat Back Pain

Stem Cells to Treat Back Pain Beyond the standard, traditional treatments for low back pain, stem cell therapy is an alternative approach that is in its infancy but may become a viable treatment option for many.  In simplest form, stem cells are cells that are taken from within the body that can differentiate (develop into […]

Repeat Surgery After Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

Traditionally,  spinal surgery  had a bad reputation.  But,  epidemiological studies have demonstrated efficacy of certain procedures.  Recent analysis of the SPORT data indicates that for a matched population of patients with symptomatic disk herniations  there are better long term outcomes for the surgical patient. Still,  there is the constant fear of spinal surgery leading to additional […]