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Lumbar Laminectomy

Here’s what you need to know about lumbar laminectomy: Description of surgery The purpose of the surgery is to relieve the compression of the spinal nerves by removing the back portion of a vertebra in your lower back. That area of boney compression on the nerve is called the area of spinal stenosis.   The surgeon […]

Posterior Lumbar Fusion

Here’s what you need to know about posterior lumbar fusion surgery: Description of surgery The purpose of the surgery is to fuse two or more vertebral bones of your lower back to one. This is achieved by tricking your body into thinking the individual vertebral bones are broken at which point your body attempts to […]

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Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy

Here’s what you need to know about posterior cervical foraminotomy: The purpose of posterior cervical foraminotomy is to alleviate the spinal nerve compression caused by a specific type of  disc herniation or bone spur.  The surgeon makes a small incision on the back of the neck over the intended surgical site. Various tissues and muscles […]

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

Told you need neck surgery?  Let me explain what the patient can expect from an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, commonly referred to as ACDF. We’ll begin with breaking down the name: anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. Anterior refers to the direction in which the surgeon approaches the patient’s body, and cervical refers to the […]

Is Golf Bad For Your Back?

Is golf bad for my Back? The answer is yes. If you are a hard core golfer, you probably do not care. You might even be angry that I said this. Welcome to a conversation I have had 100’s of times during my career.  Despite the science, I cannot get my golfers to admit the […]

Is Tennis Bad For Your Back?

Is tennis bad for your back? The answer is maybe. Why do you ask this question? Are you a 5-0 player with back pain on your back hand or kick serve? Have you just started playing and noticed sciatica? Do you have back stiffness, and wondering if you should even start playing? For the avid […]