Why You Need to Tell your Physician the Whole Story

    As with many orthopaedic and spine surgery practices, we see many patients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents or falls. There is often a lawsuit lurking in the background and the patient becomes more worried about what they should and shouldn’t say, than the actual care they are receiving. Let’s talk…. […]

Why is there a Waiting Room?

Who invented waiting rooms, and why are they so big now?  I can’t answer the first one, but I can answer the second. They are so big because your physician has to book a very large amount of patients in order to pay his/her rent and staff. The physician gets less health insurance reimbursement per […]

Don’t Get Bulldozed. How to find a Spine Specialist.

There is a specialist for almost any illness, symptom or injury. Once the decision has been made that more specialized care is necessary, finding someone you can trust is the most difficult thing to do. As spine surgery is the specialty of this practice, we’ll explain how to pick a spine surgeon. Let’s talk… You […]

The Start to a Solution (New Opioid Law)

As anyone who has read our blogs over the last few years knows, the use and abuse of opioid medication has been a major concern of our practice. We have tried to bring attention to the fact that these drugs are being over-prescribed and are leading to addiction and death to many. Finally, someone is […]

A Loss of Lordosis

Hi. My name is Dr. John Shim, and I would like to discuss a very specific topic that is often a finding on x-rays or MRIs of the spine. The term is lordosis. It basically describes the backward curvature of the spine. To go back to some basic anatomy, the whole spine, […]

What is a Real Second Opinion?

You are sitting on an examination table, wearing not much more than a Kleenex, and your physician is telling you that he/ she recommends surgery. You hear that word and everything else sounds like the teacher on Charlie Brown. “Wah, wah, wah, wah”. You’ve only seen this doctor once before and all of a sudden, […]

How Do They Do It?

 Check out our blog this olympic week CitationsGonzález JM, Johnson FR, Fedoruk M, Posner J, Bowers L. Trading Health Risks for Glory: A Reformulation of the Goldman Dilemma. Sports Med. 2018 Mar 1; PubMed PMID: 29498027

The Other, Other F Word – FLU

That time is here again. The phone starts ringing with call outs. People are overworked, tired and cranky, trying to do other people’s jobs. You are the object of intense scrutiny if you sneeze and then are immediately judged. That’s right, it’s flu season. Let’s talk…. This year is considered one of the worst years […]

Why am I Shrinking?

Why do we get shorter as we age? First of all, I want to make it clear, I am talking about your height, or how tall. I am Dr. John Shim and I hope you have already had the opportunity to review my video’s about basic spine anatomy and why disc’s degenerate. […]

A Surprising Result

  In July, 2015 a randomized trial commenced, comparing the results of Tylenol and Advil to opioids for acute pain. The results were surprising. A combination of the two worked just as well as opioids. Let’s talk…… 416 men and women who had an average pain score of 8.7 in their arms or legs from […]