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Do Cold Temperatures increase Back Pain?

Cold Temperatures are associated with more back pain.   While most of us believe that,  there is some scientific data that suggests the statement is true.  The Northeast has experienced a record cold winter,  and I am sure many are tired of the effects of Old Man Winter.  Unfortunately,  the cold is associated with increased […]

Does Nicotine Make Pain Better?

Smokers will frequently tell their physicians that having a cigarette will often decrease chronic pain. Sounds like another excuse to smoke? Can nicotine really decrease pain? Let’s talk….. Surprisingly, the answer can be yes. Your body actually has receptors that respond to nicotine throughout the central and peripheral nervous system. This, however, is a good […]

Minor Trauma Does not Cause Serious Low Back Problems

People come to the Doctor’s office because they have concerns that they caused a major low back problem with a minor traumatic event.  Luckily,  the research shows that Minor Trauma does not lead to a permanent change to the spine. The study was performed at Stanford University by Carragee et al.   There were 200 […]

Insomnia and Back Pain

Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep? A recently published study from the University of Haifa in Israel concluded that those who do not sleep well are nearly one and a half times more likely to suffer from back pain. Historically, approximately 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some […]

Spine Surgery Effective for Senior Population

There is a healthy fear of spine surgery,  especially in the senior citizen population.  At the same time,  so many are in such pain,  there is a willingness to have spine surgery.  Luckily,  there is evidence that Spine Surgery is safe for the over 80 year old population. In the February 4, 2015 edition of […]

Pain in the Neck…From Using a Smartphone

In 2012, it was estimated that there were over 91 million smartphone users in the U.S., of which 89% reported using their phone throughout the day to text, read emails, browse the internet, play games, download apps, play music and engage in social media sites. These numbers continue to increase daily. While the benefit of […]